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Mechanical Encounter Combat System

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RE: myspace music tour, lets meet up F2F

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From: hellogoodbye
Date: Oct 5, 2007 4:57 PM

bonjiorno principessa! (unless this message is to a guy, in which case mentally sub that for something like "whoa hey brah! sick barrel! lets get a burritttttto!!!!")

didn't mean to freak you out by sending you a message right to your inbox, but i figured... bulletins are so impersonal... its time you and me got some real one on one... i just wanna know, liiiike, everything about you... so, you know, go ahead. tell me all about yourself... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

not much of a conversationalist, huh? thats okay darling. i'll start. lets see my name is forrest, i have two dogs (a chihuahua yorkie [chorkie] and a boston terrier), and one of my favorite films is life is beautiful (guys: read as "point break"). hmm whats new with me? oh right the whole reason someone told me i had to write this message before i decided to use it to flirt with myspace hotties (and talk to my bros about the waves)! in about a month hellogoodbye will be leaving home on the first ever


i thought maybe since it was a myspace tour and presented by extreme style by vo5, it would be some kind of crazy cyber web tour that i could do from home in my underwear, which would have been awesome. but we're actually going all over the US and playing the old-fashioned way face to face, which i SUPPOSE has its merits as well. say anything is playing too which is killer because they are killer and when killer people do things, regardless of the particular activities killerness, it is inherently killer. its gonna be our last tour for a long while, so i can record some hot new jams, cause we've beaten our current jams into the ground (am i right?). we've got some awesome ideas to spice it all up and go out with a bang. plus it'll be an excuse for you and me to finally meet face to face and try that oaky sauvignon red you've been telling me about (guys: read as "hang out and smash some heads at the taco bell").

so puh-lease come out to a show and get your game face on! its our last tour for a while, and i'll miss you!

yours truly, forrest and the hellogoodbye orchestra.

click the dates below to get tickets for the tour!!

10/16 - Seattle, WA
10/17 - Portland, OR
10/19 - Salt Lake City, UT
10/20 - Denver, CO
10/21 - Wichita, KS
10/22 - Milwaukee, WI
10/24 - Chicago, IL
10/25 - Detroit, MI
10/26 - Covington, KY
10/27 - Moon Township, PA
10/28 - Atlantic City, NJ
10/30 - New York, NY
10/31 - Allentown, PA
11/1 - Providence, RI
11/2 - Gettysburg, PA
11/3 - Emmitsburg, MD
11/4 - Raleigh, NC
11/6 - Orlando, FL
11/7 - Miami Beach, FL
11/9 - Houston, TX
11/10 - Dallas, TX
11/11 - San Antonio, TX
11/13 - Tucson, AZ
11/14 - Tempe, AZ
11/16 - San Francisco, CA
11/17 - San Diego, CA
11/18 - Los Angeles, CA
11/19 - Los Angeles, CA
11/20 - Anaheim, CA
11/23 - Las Vegas, NV

POLYSICS new record and live on North America continent!

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From: Polysics or Die!!!! Vista (in stores Oct. 9)
Date: Oct 8, 2007 11:11 AM

Hi Friend!

We, POLYSICS, release record Tuesday, 9 October. Click here for CD (with bonus DVD!), and here for rare vinyl record. We'll post iTunes for download link soon.

Too, our tour begins on Thursday 11 October in San Diego city, California. Click here to see that we playing California to New York to Florida to Texas and many other of the fifty United States. We are excited to be on this MySpace Music Tour with Say Anything and Hellogoodbye.

See also our video channel and subscribe to it. We love to make videos, especially live ones. POLYSICS have many up right now and more soon to come.

We are pleased to see you soon and have you listen to the album.

Thank you!


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simpsons game

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When the simpsons goes off the air were lost....


Simpsons Game Trailer: Neverquest