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Teach others how to fish; do not give them fish | Aligning With Truth

Teach others how to fish; do not give them fish | Aligning With Truth

In our journey of personal growth and transformation, we are on a constant quest for answers.  And even as we find the answers, we are constantly faced with more questions.  We have moments of confusion or crisis.
During these moments when we need clarity and guidance, we may, every so often, look for external guidance.  We consult counselors, therapists, readers, and other similar practitioners.
How do we find the “right” teacher?
The most effective teacher is not one who gives or has all the answers, especially not one who claims it so.   
Rather, a true, authentic teacher is someone who helps us find the answers. He teaches us how to develop the skills that will help us find the answers.
Teach others how to fish; do not give them fish.
When the teacher acts as if they are the most enlightened being who knows all the answers, they have an inflated ego. Their guidance may be tainted and they may not have the purest of intention. Beware. Run. As quickly and as far away as possible. You are only inviting trouble, and more confusion, in your already confused state.
An authentic, service-oriented teacher leads and guides us to our inner guidance. They assist us in developing the skills to listen to our inner voice. They teach us how to strengthen our intuition to gain clarity. They share the necessary tools that will equip us to gain confidence to follow and trust the voice within.
Any teacher who does the opposite only has self-serving intention — for financial gain primarily or to feed their ego. Be careful of teachers who, intentionally or not, inhibit your ability to gain self-mastery. When they allow you to depend on them for guidance, advice, direction, answers, they are not helping you.
Teach others how to fish; do not give them fish.
An authentic, true and highly evolved teacher’s primary and ultimate goal is to get rid of you. The sooner they can reach this goal, the more effective they are. The length of your relationship or your loyalty to your teacher is a reflection of how well the teacher is able to empower you and make you self-sufficient and self-reliant.
A truly selfless teacher is selfish in giving you fish.  But they are generous in teaching you how to get it.
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