Hie Scours


On rare occasion I can listen to an album from start to finish. The metal albums are for workouts, the others for yoga, or vice versâ, I'm not sure. Metal is my country, a fox should not own a hen house, a broken daydream can be mended with a tired nightmare. Some societies become radical and blame music for sin, but we know that comes from cults and damaged souls. A struggle within, a struggle without. There are no metal wars, yet only metal warriors, they have no atrocities besmirch of their name, and neither qualm with an economy nor recidivist dangers. I can only hope the world that knows not music has an opinion of the heavy metal world, be it fear or embrace, both, or primal nurturing of a guest, be that it remains unbeknownst to the war-torn world. Perfection is learned, enlightenment is earned, never the opposite. For the intellectual elites that bathe in irony as they condescend in abject vanity can never know the darkness they create. Let others wage war, war of all is against all, war feeds itself.



01| Dethklok:   Dethalbum III
02| Lamb of God:   Resolution
03| 10 Years:   Minus the Machine
04| Thrice:   Beggars
05| Deftones:   Koi No Yokan
06| Trivium:   Ascendancy
07| KSE:   Alive Or Just Breathing 
08| Witchcraft:    Legend
09| All Shall Perish:    This is Where it Ends
10| Bleed The Sky:    Murder the Dance
11| Karnivool:    Sound Awake 
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