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When arriving on Earth I discovered you were still reading books, most of them drivel, but some logical conservative books worth indulgence. By conservative i'm of course implying conservation, not politics ( 

Book Reviews 

4. November/2013  Shunryu Suzuki, the teachings of, "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind." 

I'd listened to the audiobook gazillions of times, and decided to give it a once-over, it's a book full of examinations of the pure practices involved in religion, the nameless religion, not the cults or the groups of angry mobs. It has a lot of truth that really helped me understand the world, not so much that the book matched something in me that I appreciated, but that it had a lot of truth to offer. The book is a collection of speeches that zen master Suzuki gave over the years that had been recorded in pieces, because going to hear a conservative lecture is by far not a new thing as much as it sadly has become a newly forgotten thing. Much are tales of events and traditions not unique to any one demographic, in that I mean, commonalities of goodly deeds that all can enjoy. For those of you wise to Buddhism know that zen, imho, is not the same as the 'Schools of Buddhism' cult, you probably know the book infamously. The teachings center on focus, practice, and ...well, centering oneself. Not an oppressive liturgy of guidelines it offers Suzuki's words complete without expectations. You can call it a self-help book, it is a book, it might help, I can only say that with it my understanding of my favorite tenets from the book, as I write this, are 'right practice' and 'dharma ridden' dharma being laxly translated as laws, and in turn has made be a better pseudo Catholic. If you're still lost, the bible teaches many of Buddha's teachings in a 'protestant' fashion (for lack of a better word) and Buddha is kinda like a Jesus, just without the same persecution. One of my favorite quotes from it is, "The teaching which is written on paper is not the true teaching," which sounds like the holy spirit now that I think about it. Think "teach" the verb, not the noun, as in 'to teach" not "a book". Whatever it is, let it happen, selfless and ascetic (NOT AESTHETIC), I'm not making you read it, you're not making me not tell you about the book. It has some of the famous "Koans" or we might call them, 'deep questions', when I learned about free will, kinda, my review. There's one about a dog, apparently dogs didn't bark in the ancient world, and the question is, "do dogs have Buddha-nature?" or 'holy nature' and the answer is literally "Mu," or the teacher barks at the answer, and I thought to myself, 'does a dog have enlightenment?' and I answered myself, 'who cares, it's a fucking dog, that's what it really is,' be what you are, this is the right understanding.

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3. March/2012 Ann Coulter, "Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America"

Demonic is a snapshot of the liberal bias that large groups often aspire yet fail to do, documenting several instances of ill-tempered and impatient aggression from legal precedents thru epic moments in our very culture that have been turned to a clarion for the conservative disposition, as was the entire book. It is as the book relays a tale of demonic traits of groupthink and centrist laissez-faire morality and fascist superstition of the persuadable minds of cult leaders and adoring occultists. Spare no mind to mettle, this book is at times despicably violent in its act of journalism but as an accountable report of what mad times there have been ergo the times thus existent while puerile adolescent liberalism remains in our society.

2. February/2012: Glenn Beck, "Arguing with Idiots"

Arguing with Idiots written by conservative syndicated radio talk show host Glenn beck is compiled as a series of responses formed against the statements of the worldly "Idiot". It was introduced to critical acclaim and as most things with valuable info, forgotten by liberal media. The contents of discussion topics include, aggressive progressive liberalism, capitalism, necessities of gun rights, education, labor unions, illegal immigration, state fascism, home ownership, economics, the American presidents, and the U.S. Constitution. Rebuking the preposterous populist propaganda machine the book advocates personal responsibility while being brutally honest with countless examples of how and why failures in aspects of civilization occur, entirely without confusion or distraction of partisan nonsense. 

"1" September/2011 Libertarian Packs #1 - #4
The Libertarian Packs are easily found on file-hosting sites (in this instance 2011), four as listed, and are complete collections. In their current free condition, many are in hard PDF, others with copyable text, they are written by good conservatives and great libertarians for the education of freedom, if you do not download them, own them. I have imbibed vast power from these books and I hope the list of contributing authors is expanded in the years to come, and with all due respect, hope to be ranked among them.