Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sithu Aye - Invent The Universe - (Full Album)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sevendust - Karma

Friday, August 29, 2014

Chevelle - The Damned

Monday, August 25, 2014

I had to do this...

I had to do this... ; 
to Beyoncé. 

#1: Dancing the Chewing Tobacco Country Gurl, Game of Thrones edition. #meanmuggin

#2: "Suck it!" is D-Generation X's signature slogan. LLC.

#3: Witness this species switch genders in only a few moments, chemically triggered when the population is without a sufficient male population. 

#4: A rare glimpse of the 'Reverse-Twerk'

#5: J-Pop America Fun Time Now!!! 

MTV, "Beyoncé, you're drunk."
Beyoncé, "Don't tell me what the fX I am...!" 


Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mona Launcher

Diablo V

Twitter / DevilProverbs: A person who does not speak ...

Close To The Sky - Time Lapse (8-bit version video)

Music video for the 8-bit version of the song "Time Lapse" by Close To The Sky.

Animation and Design made by Lucas M. Felden (Close To The Sky).

"Time Lapse" taken from the EP "Time Lapse" by the djent band Close To The Sky.

Download "Time Lapse" here:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

.SUB (English version) from Paramotion Films

.SUB (English version) from Paramotion Films on Vimeo.
Director and Writer: Jossie Malis Álvarez
Producer: José Luis Farias, Alfonso Fulgencio

Leading actress: Yollande Michele Elle Aka'a

Cast: Abdel Driyaf, Akihiko Serikawa, Ángel García Jermann, Brendan Murphy, Dilip Moodliar, Elena Sergeeva, Sandra Szucs, Sasa Salamanca, Serhiy Kozachuk

Music composer: Julie Reier
Director of photography: Nicolás Pinzón Sarmiento
Assistant director: Alfonso Fulgencio Cabrera
Script: José Manuel Carrasco
Production Supervisor: Bea Bartolomé
Assistant production : Laia Machado, Isabel Vargas
Second assistant production: Paula Ramos
Cameraman: Nicolás Pinzón Sarmiento
Chief Lighting Technician: Alejandro Ronda
Lighting Technicians: Elena Salcedo, Marco Caneda
Sound Recordist: Alex Escutia
Sound designer: Alfonso Sanz
Art director: Aranzazu Gaspar
Makeup Supervisor: María Manuela Cruz,
Costumes: Isabel Vargas
Editors: Jossie Malis Álvarez, Nicolás Pinzón Sarmiento, José Luis Farias, Alfonso Fulgencio
Colorist: Nicolás Pinzón Sarmiento
DCP: Toño Martínez,Trilogía Audiovisual

Awards: Best International Fiction Short Film FIC Monterrey, Mexico 2013; Best International Film International Human Rights Arts and Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia 2013; Best International Film RojasFest4 Argentina 2013; First Prize in Fatti un film (Shoot it out), Italy 2013; Best Screenplay Certamen Audiovisual de Cabra (Córdoba), Spain 2013; Special Mention Ist Certamen de Editores Sociales Audiovisuales, Spain 2013; Best Fiction Short Film Torretes Calella Festimatge, Spain 2013; 1st Real Action Award International Fantastic Film Festival Monachil (Granada) Spain 2013; Best Fiction Short Film Jury Award Sólo para Cortos, Barcelona Spain 2013; Best Screenplay CORTOSenOFF Valencia Spain 2012; Alcorto Jury Award 2012; Best Direction XV Festival La Boca del Lobo 2012; Best Screenplay XIV Octubre Corto. Arnedo Film Festival Spain 2012; Originality Mention XIV Abycine Film Festival 2012; Madrid en Corto 2012; Telemadrid / La Otra 2012.